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Founded 2007, GuiHua Chemicals is a well-established raw chemical supplier. Its corporate purpose is to Sub-produce and export chemicals for paints, coatings, Construction chemicals and plastics. Products range from Cellulose Ethers, Calcined Kaolin, Barium Sulphate, Organo Clay Rheology Modifiers, to Calcium Formiate.

GuiHua first invisted in the Cellulose Ether production base, located in Shandong, China. With an annual production capacity of 15.000MT of HPMC/MHEC, our factory is able to supply all viscosities with consistent quality. With our expert team, we provide modifications for all our products.

Our registered brand for Cellulose Ether is Huacell. Our precipitated Barium Sulphate sub-production factory located in Hebei, we annually supply 40.000 tons of barium sulphate and flake sodium sulfide. With our unique particle size reduction and barium sulfate processing technology, we aim to become the leading player in the industry.

Our Rheology Additive factory is located in Hangzhou, 220 km south of Shanghai. Our annual Rheological Additive capacity is 50.000 MT. The main product include: Rheological Additive for solvent based systems and Rheological Additive for water based systems.

Our Coalesol product line of esters is specifically designed to help our customers achieve low VOC levels in their coating formulas. Our Coalescing Agent annual capacity of 20.000 MT and is located in the Jiangsu Province of China.

Thanks to our trust worthy team each specialized in their own field, with an evolving, innovation- oriented entrepreneurial spirit; we expand by adding value to every life we touch in every field we
operate in.

By combining our innovative principles. And Responsible approach with our capabilities and energy, we produce solutions that will add value to human life in all the geographies that we operate in and contribute to the increase of prosperity.


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