Coalesol C-16

Coalesol C16 is a high boiling point environmental friendly coalescing agent. Can be added into various kinds of emulsions and adhesives. And it is better than most film-forming coalescent agents in the market.ThedosageofTXIBcanbereducedproperly. Anditcanbeusedindividually.Canhelp coatings to get the best film-forming effect. Paints with TXIB in it have unique storage stability, leveling and adhesion. In the meantime, it can enhance the glossiness of film.

Chemical Name

2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediom Diisobutyrate







Color (Pt-Co), No.


Content, %


Acidity, %


Water Content, %


Diversity in Use

This product is used in PVC plastic solvent, can reduce the viscosity of the solution, while increasing the viscosity of the solution stability. Easy to mix with PVC resin, meanwhile to save time before the injection, extrusion, because of viscosity reduction in PVC solution, not easy to mix air bubbles, to maintain the finished product appearance and smooth.

This product is used in PU elastomer, with viscosity reduction, increase flexibility, reduce costs and so on. The plastics industry has recognized a variety of properties of the product can help the preparation of plastic sol. Also can be applied to ink, pigments and EVA emulsion.


200kg Iron drum, 950kg/IBC, 20MT ISO Tank.

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