Hpmc With Enhanced Properties

Huacell EM 45 H

Application Scope: HUACELL EM 45H cellulose ether is a kind of non-ionic, water-soluble polymer powderthat is developed to improve working ability of dry mixed mortars such as:

Application Area:
- Tile Adhesive
- Masonry Mortar And Troweling Mortar
- Gypsum Plaster
- Special Applications Of Mortar And Concrete

Typical Performance:
- Good Air Stabilization In Mortar
- Good Water Retention Even Under High Temperature
- Long Open Time
- Very Good Troweling And Smooth Leveling Ability

Dosage Of Total Dry Mixed Mortar: 0.03 - 0.45%


Huacell EM 45 H

Chemical Name

Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose Ether (HEMC )

Bulk Density( kg/m3)


Particle Size (passing 0.212 mm)

≥ 92%

pH Value


Viscosity( mPa.s)


2% water solution viscosity @20oC with viscometer NDJ-1, 4# spindle @12 Rotation according to JC/T2190-2013.

Shelf Life

At least 2 years under cool and dry condition. For material storage over shelf life, quality confirmation test should be done before use.

Storage & Delivery

EM 45 H cellulose ether belongs to of hygroscopic and hydrophilic polymer powder, so it should be stored and delivered under dry and clean conditions in its original package form and away from heat. After the package is opened for production, tight resealing must be taken to avoid ingress of moisture.

Product Safety

According to EU legislation on dangerous substances and preparations, HUACELL EM 45 H cellulose ether does not belong to hazardous material. Further information on safety aspects is given in Material Safety Data Sheet. All of data, suggestions, and proposals presented here are based on our current knowledge and experience in raw materials and application technologies, which do exclude the responsibility of users to scrutinize the quality of all received products. Because we are out of control of quality in users’ raw materials, production and application methods, service conditions as well as local standards, our suggestions and proposals do not imply any guarantee and promise for end product quality. The users should be responsible for formulation adjustment according to real conditions to meet project quality.

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