Cellulose Ether

What is Huacell?

Huacell is a water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose used as thickeners, binders, film formers and water retention agent especially in latex paints, construction chemicals. Multifunctional, additive for dry mix products, increases open time and impacts workability, lubricity shrink and crack resistance. In dry mix systems, Huacell ensure fast hydration for reliable performance.




Huacell 10 MP

Huacell 15 MP

Huacell 20 MP

Huacell 25 MP

Huacell 40 MP

Huacell 50 MP

Huacell 60 MP

Huacell 150 MP




Huacell EM 40 H

Huacell EM 45 H

Huacell EM 75 H

Huacell EM 100 H

Huacell EM 150 H

Huacell EM 200 H




Huacell HEC 30

Huacell HEC 50

Huacell HEC 60

Huacell HEC 100

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