Irone Oxide Pigment

Ironox GH Green?

Green iron oxide is a compound pigment mixed with yellow iron oxide, an organic pigment, and some additives. It is insoluble in water and diluted acids, resistant to acids, pme and alkanes, as well as absolutely stable to the elements. It is mainly used as a colorant for cement products. In addition, it has good opacity, good fastness, high coloring power and fine dispersion.

Technical Data


Tamped Density (g/cm3)

Oil Absorption (ml/100g)

PH Value

Tinting Strenght

Iron Oxide

Fe2O3 (%)


Ironox GH 835





88 Min.

Diversity in Use

The wide and unique range of Blanc Fixe is capable to fulfill every quality demand and is suitable for any known application such as:
500x334 paints copy

Paints & Coatings

500x334 paving stone copy

Paving Stone

500x334 concrete block copy

Concrete Block

500x334 roofing tile copy

Roofing Tile

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