Calcined Kaotin

What is Kaotin?

Kaotin calcined Kaotin powders are extenders for titanium dioxides in coatings, inks and polymers. While reducing the formulation cost the calcined kaolin maintain and improve whiteness, brightness, hiding power matting and scrub resistance, providing good opacity and tinctorial power. This product range is widely used in the wire, cable industry and pesticides and ceramics.
Kaotin is mainy applied for coating industry. With high brightness and reasonable particle distribution, it is providing good opacity and tinctorial power. It can be mainly used for water based coating, also can be used for solvent based paint, electrophoretic paint and ink, it can partially replace titanium dioxide.

Kaotin For Construction

Metakaotin series active metakaolin are made of high quality kaolin. The metakaolin is with high pozzolana reactivity through calcination under precisely controlled temperature, so that it increases strength and obdurability of the cement and concrete. It is particulary applicablr for poly cement, high strength concrete manufacturing.
Kaotin is mainly used in plastic and rubber industries. With the properties of fine particle distribution, high brightness and low impurities it is providing good reinforcement ability in the plastic and rubber formulation. Adding calcined kaolin, the compounds perform as with high tinctorial power, high opacity and good processability.
Kaotin used with superior kaolinite material, produced with the processes of de-ironing, fine gringding and specially controlled calcination. With its high reactivity property, it can absorb a great deal of fee electron among thr rubber, PVC and other additives, effectively improve the insulation property of the cable.

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