Ti-GLOW R 598

Material: RutileType Titanium Dioxide TiO2
Grade: Ti-GLOW R 588
Description: Ti-GLOW R 598 is an inorganic (SiO2, Al2O3, Zr2O3) and special organic chemicals surface treated rutile grade titanium dioxide. It combines with excellent whiteness and gloss, excellent tinting strength and opacity, high durability, low oil absorption and ease of dispersion in both water and solvent based system. The most advantage is the excellent whiteness with bluish color.



TiO2 Contents

95% Min.

Rutile Contents

98.5% Min.

Whiteness (Compare With Standard Sample)

97.5% Min.

Medium Particle Size

0.27 Um

Tinting-Strength (Reynolds Number)

1950 Min.

Oil Absorption

18 g / 100 g Max.



Residue 45 Um

0.01% Max.

105°C Volitile

0.5% Max.

Water Soluble

0.5% Max.


High-level solvent type coating, high gloss paint for interior and exterior wall, industrial paint, surface printing ink, iron printing coatings (ink), powder coatings, plastic masterbatch, profile.


Zr2O3, Al2O3, SiO2 and organic treatment


ISO591-1 2000(E): R2

ASTM D 476-00


Cas No:



Packed by paper bag with net weight 25 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg or as per customer’s choice.

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