Rheology Additive

What is Viscor?

Viscor is a rheological additive, derivative of Na-bentonite and CA-bentonite for more powerful and efficient viscosity. Used in organic solvents Viscor provides a perfect anti-sediment and thickening capacity. can be added ant time during the production process, helps preventing the sagging effects and excellent dispersion property, prevents pigments and fillers settling.
Viscor Organo clay can form a gel in various organic solvents, oils, and liquid resins. It has good thickening, thixotropy, suspension stability, high temperature stability, lubricity, film-forming properties, water resistance and chemical stability…
The water-based thickening rheological additive Viscor is refined and modified silicate clay (montmorillonite, attapulgite, sepiolite), which is off-white or beige non-toxic, odorless, soft powder. It has excellent swelling, colloidal dispersion, suspension…

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