Water Based Systems

The water-based thickening rheological additive Viscor is refined and modified silicate clay (montmorillonite, attapulgite, sepiolite), which is off-white or beige non-toxic, odorless, soft powder. It has excellent swelling, colloidal dispersion, suspension, thickening and thixotropy in water. It is an excellent anti-settling agent, latex stabilizer and rheology additive for water-based systems. Water-based thickening rheological additives also have good adsorbent properties, ion exchange properties, non-migrating cohesive properties, so they are widely used in water dispersion systems.


Volatilize (105 ̊C, %)

Finess (74 um)


PH Value

(2% aqueous)

Water Based

Viscor RS 50

Off White Powder



≥5 Pa.s

8.5-10.5 g/cm^3

Viscor RS 50 W

Off White Powder



≥8 Pa.s

9-10.5 g/cm3

Viscor RS 60 W

White Powder



≥12-11 Pa.s

8.2-10 g/cm^3

Diversity in Use

The wide and unique range of Viscor is capable to fulfill every quality demand and is suitable for any known application such as:
500x334 water borne emulsion copy

Water Borne Emulsion Paints

500x334 water borne inks copy

Water Borne Inks Thickener

500x334 thermal insulation mortar copy

Thermal Insulation Mortar Water Retention


Water Borne Drilling Fluids


Water Borne Adhesives Rheology Modifier

Use Methods

- Dry Powder Method: The viscor rheology addtives can be directly put into required system and dry powder. - Pre-gel Method: The preparation of pre-gel concentration should be according to the desired viscosity level of the stirring speed and the product of the dispersing device in order to obtain the best result. Generally speaking 2-10%(mass percentage of the whole sysyem)/ Weigh a certain amount of the product under stirring slowly added to water of 25-30C note avoid caking. After the addition, adjust the speed to 1000-1200 RPM, and disperse it by stirring for 30 minutesn so that products can suddiciently dispec=se into water and form a unform gel, stand it for 8-24 hours, and use it after the colloidal plays stabilozed thickning effect.

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